2018 Swim From the Heart Registration

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Join us for the Annual International ‘Swim from the Heart’ Open Water Swim on Friday, May 25 – and Help Hearts at Risk for SCD! 

On Friday, May 25, Haifa, Israel – participants of all ages and abilities will dive into the blue, warm waters of the Mediterranean and choose to swim in one of four events: 1 km, 2.6 km, 4.5 km, and 7.6 km in the Haifa Bay, also known as Cape Carmel in Northern Israel.

Join Us in Israel for an Adventure of the Mind, Body and Spirit


For seasoned travelers and those new to Israel – enjoy an inspiring travel itinerary with unique opportunities including exclusive insider updates from Israel’s governmental, business, medical and scientific leaders who are shaping the country’s impact on the region and the world. Swim in the Mediterranean and the Sea of Galilee, and soak in the healing waters of the Dead Sea. Go back in time to discover Israel’s rich archaeological history including the astonishing excavation and discoveries beneath the Western Wall tunnels of the Old City of Jerusalem, the symbolic desert fortress of Masada, and other sites of biblical significance. By tour, travel to Israel’s northern border with Lebanon, Syria and the Golan Heights to understand the geopolitical, humanitarian, and security issues facing the region.

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The Cause is Why We Swim

Be a part of a movement to accelerate our understanding and a search for a cure for Sudden Cardiac Death (SCD) – a major cause of natural death in children and young adults worldwide. With no warning symptoms until the fatal incident, prevention for SCD is difficult. In the young, SCD is usually due to inherited genetic disorders that may result in the death of otherwise healthy individuals. New approaches are needed to enable early detection, prevention, and management to assure a promising future for people at risk for SCD.

Significant progress has been made by Rambam’s world-renowned researchers with the help of previous SFTH swimmers and supporters. To continue our progress of this life-saving effort, we are counting on you.

A minimum personal fundraising requirement of $500 is asked of our swimmers, and online tools are offered to help easily reach and even surpass this goal. Visit us at www.swimfromtheheart.org for more information about the Swim, how to raise funds, and to see our travel itinerary for an exciting time in Israel.
SWIM FROM THE HEART and Help Hearts at Risk for SCD

As a leader in SCD research, Rambam’s breakthrough studies can have a global impact. Your dedicated efforts to help raise funds for this critical research are more important than ever!

Please let us know if you are interested in learning more about this exciting experience. We look forward to hearing from you! You can also call us at (424) 240-8083.

For more information about our group travel arrangements and costs, please call or email Sari Arshadnia at the American Friends of Rambam
Office: +1 (424) 240-8083 or Email: SArshadnia@aforam.org.

Your Impact

Swim from the Heart was inspired by open-water swimmers in Haifa’s sister city of San Francisco, passionate swimmers just like you! Donations from the first annual ‘Swim from the Heart’ event have already dramatically helped Rambam researchers.

It was known that young people and otherwise healthy individuals with inherited arrhymogenic syndromes can suddenly experience life-threatening arrhythmias leading to SCD. However, Swim from the Heart donations helped our researchers discover that many of these syndromes are far more widespread than was previously realized. This underscores the urgency for identifying those at risk for SCD.

Funds contributed towards our genetic research uncovered two new gene mutations responsible for life-threatening arrhythmias. With this knowledge, Rambam researchers have set up a stem cell model to determine which gene mutations can lead to arrhythmias. Armed with this information, they can then begin working on novel therapies to detect and prevent SCD.