Supporting High Impact Solutions to Medical and Humanitarian

Challenges in Israel and Worldwide

The American Friends of the Rambam Medical Center is
an organization established to promote and support the
Rambam Health Care Campus — a premier medical institution in Israel.

Rambam in the News

From Lab to Life — Heart Implantation instead of Transplantation

Today, more than ever, artificial heart implantation is becoming an excellent, accessible solution for people suffering from extreme heart failure, the epidemic of the Western world. Patients no longer have to wait years for a donor

Pediatric Emergency Care: Simulation Challenge – A first ever in Israel competition

Pediatric emergency care encompasses a huge body of professional knowledge and expertise administered with compassion. A first ever in Israel competition is being held to promote excellence and professionalism in these critical skills — for the

Professor Rafi Beyar – Different Role, Same Vision

Dear Friends of Rambam, I have had the honor and great privilege of serving as the Director and CEO of Rambam Health Care Campus for the last thirteen years. In February 2006, after completing an outstanding

New Treatment Protects Prostate Cancer Patients from Intestinal Damage during Radiation Therapy

M., a prostate cancer patient, needed to undergo radiation treatment. However, as a carrier of a genetic mutation, this form of treatment could also endanger his health and cause intestinal tumors. A new methodology recently introduced

Recent Events

Rambam’s Chief of Neurosurgery Shares his Expertise at Florida Atlantic University

Professor Gill Sviri, M.D., MSc, Chairman of the Department of Neurosurgery and the Head of the Skull Base and Pituitary Program at Rambam, gave an informative and exciting presentation before a rapt audience of faculty and

An American Businessman Born in Haifa Closes a Circle

“To be the biggest unit in the north for maternal and fetal medicine and one of the leaders in its field is a binding reality,” explains Professor Weiner. “We have a great responsibility to provide the

American Friends of Rambam head visits South Florida Israeli Community Leaders

Published by Adventura News: August 2018 Distinguished Israeli business and community leaders of the Israeli Riviera Parliament – comprised of former Israel Defense Forces (IDF) officers, scientists, professors and medical professionals – attended a presentation by Richard

Swim from the Heart

American Swimmers Participate in “Swim From the Heart” Meet in Haifa On May 29, 2018, American swimmers Levy Gerzberg, Josh Bernstein, Eric Schleelein, Peter Gertler Richard Gluck, Jamin Gluck and Rick Hirschhaut, traveled to Israel to

Showcasing RAMBAM

Rambam Health Care Campus provides a variety of services ranging from patient care, training of medical professionals, in a variety of specialties, to collaborative international research impacting the world of medicine.

Video Gallery

Changing the World through the Gift of Life

Sammy Ofer Fortified Underground Emergency Hospital

Supporting the 2000 Bed Campaign

The Eyal Ofer Heart Hospital

Keeping Hearts Beating

The Ruth Rappaport Children’s Hospital

Turning Tears to Smiles

The Joseph Fishman Oncology Center

Supporting Cancer Care with Dignity

The Helmsley Health Discovery Tower

Shaping the Future of Medicine

Rambam Facts

Named for 12th century physician-philosopher Rabbi Moses ben Maimon (Maimonides/ the RAMBAM), Rambam Health Care Campus is located in Haifa, a city known for cultural and religious pluralism and tolerance.

Rambam is Northern Israel’s largest and most advanced medical campus, serving more than two million people and the referral center for twelve district hospitals.

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