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In the face of possible war, Rambam Health Care Campus has built the world’s largest fortified underground emergency hospital in the world

Reality has forced Rambam – Northern Israel’s tertiary referral hospital which serves over two million civilians, soldiers and peacekeepers – to build the Sammy Ofer Fortified Underground Emergency Hospital, the largest of its kind in the world.

The hospital is designed to convert within 72 hours from a 1,500-vehicle parking lot into a 2,000-bed acute emergency hospital fortified against conventional and non-conventional warfare.

The new structure is not only underground, but also below sea level. It can be 100% sealed-off and self-sufficient, able to generate its own power supply and to store enough breathable oxygen, drinking water, and medical-gas supplies for up to three full days.

To become fully operational, we urgently need your help to equip this facility with medical beds and lifesaving equipment.

Every contribution makes a difference. Please donate now.

“In the face of possible war, Rambam Health Care Campus will save many lives.”
Shimon Peres
Former Prime Minister and Head of the State of Israel

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