AFORAM Leadership

Executive Board

Meri Barer, President
David A. Sterling, Secretary and Treasurer
Adam O. Emmerich, Director


George A. Feldenkreis
Alan Forman
Levy Gerzberg
Rachel Jonas
Mitchell Rubenstein
Jesse M. Schwartz
Jonathan Sohnis
Aaron D. Spencer
Lawrence A. Wolfe

National Staff

Nathaniel Goldman, Director of Finance and Operations
Sari Katz Arshadnia, Director, Western Region
Ellen Pomerantz, Director, Northeast Region

Legal Counsel

David M. Adlerstein

Honoring the Forman and Sohnis Families at the 2016 New York AFORAM Gala Diner
Honoring Mona and David Sterling at the 2015 New York AFORAM Gala Dinner
Honoring Meri and Sol Barer at the 2014 New York AFORAM Gala Dinner

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