Research Driven Medicine

It is our belief that research and patient care are inextricably intertwined.

Rambam serves as a regional powerhouse for medical innovation, invention, and entrepreneurship to the benefit of the local community and patients worldwide. Rambam is committed to assist and support its physicians and to bring their ideas from real world experience to fruition. However, Rambam needs our help.

Ensure Israeli minds continue to significantly contribute to important medical discoveries in the world by supporting one of these initiatives:

  • The Clinical Research Institute at Rambam (CRIR): Provides a collaborative atmosphere for scientists and medical professionals to exchange information and achieve excellence. Centers of current clinical relevance focus on high-end research for development into new treatments and therapies. Learn more
  • Scholarship Programs: Provides funding to talented young clinicians and medical residents with promising research proposals that will lead to innovative approaches in the fight against disease. The intent of this program is to build a cadre of medical leaders with the potential to benefit human health at a global level.
  • Nitzoz (Spark) Fund:  Provides funding to facilitate development of medical device projects from concept through initial exploration of business feasibility, to a state of investment readiness. As such, donors will be offered the first right to invest and will be updated on the progress of the projects bi-annually.
  • Rambam MedTech: Provides assistance to physician inventors to promote their transformative novel concepts for medical devices. To that end, Rambam MedTech was established in 2014, to facilitate technology transfer at Rambam.

Creating an Innovation Ecosystem

Innovation cannot develop in a vacuum. Therefore, Rambam Health Care Campus, facilitated by Rambam MedTech, provides a fertile environment for medical innovation, with the goal of advancing medical treatments and therapies for the benefit of humankind.

Rambam seeks to create an innovation ecosystem through an environment of clinical care, basic and clinical research, promotion of medical innovation, and more. This ecosystem is expressed via collaborations and cooperation with institutions and organizations with the end-goal of establishing joint ventures that will have a positive impact on the world of medicine.

One such example of cooperation is establishment of the new digital medicine technological incubator, MindUP, which in September, 2015 won an Israeli government tender from the Office of the Chief Scientist to establish a new digital medicine initiative.

Professor Rafi Beyar, Director of Rambam Health Care Campus says of MindUP, “I believe the establishment of this incubator is an expression of pure Zionism – promoting high-tech medical industries that will not only improve the quality of life for countless individuals around the world, but will also stimulate local economic growth in general and in our health care campus in particular. This, exactly ten years after the launching of missiles intended to destroy our hospital, is an unqualified victory.”

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For more information about contributing towards our research initiatives or scholarship programs, please contact American Friends of Rambam at (212) 292-4499.

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