The Joseph Fishman Oncology Center

Supporting Cancer Care with Dignity

Help us purchase life-saving equipment for the new Danny and Cathy Rosenkranz Oncology ER – the only one in Northern Israel.

The Joseph Fishman Oncology Center at Rambam Health Care Campus is the only comprehensive cancer center in Northern Israel and the exclusive primary referral center for the 2.3 million people of this region. Internationally recognized for its clinical excellence, the Oncology Center was certified by the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) as an integrated multidisciplinary center for cancer treatment.

The Oncology Center treats more than 5,000 new patients annually. Every year 20,000-25,000 chemotherapy treatments and over 40,000 radiotherapy treatments are performed at the Oncology Center. In addition, there are over 40,000 patient visits annually to the Oncology Center’s clinics. A multidisciplinary team of physicians and nurses provides each patient with a personalized plan for diagnosis and treatment, and patients have access to the most advanced pharmaceuticals available.

Rambam’s cancer specialists are at the forefront of vital cancer research projects, including studies on innovative drugs, biological treatments for cancer, and radiation therapy using new technologies. The unique ecosystem established between Rambam and the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, facilitates translational and clinical oncological research to find cures, bringing new hope to children and adults around the world afflicted by cancer.

In addition to offering a full range of medical oncology services, the Oncology Center will also in the near future house a complementary medicine center, providing Israel’s citizens with the most comprehensive model for cancer care.

The Danny and Cathy Rosenkrantz Oncology ER – A dedicated oncology emergency room

Advanced anti-cancer therapies have dramatically increased survival among cancer patients. However, patients who suffer from cancer often face side effects related to their aggressive treatment regimens and they require intense and focused acute and chronic medical care. Rambam currently treats about 10,000 cancer patients annually in its general ER, where they are exposed to other patients suffering from a wide array of illnesses, including infectious and communicable diseases. Consequently, the main hospital’s ER is a potentially hazardous arena in which to treat cancer patients, many of whom are immunosuppressed.

However, thanks to the generosity of Danny and Cathy Rosenkranz, a new oncology ER is being built, and with your help, will be equipped with the most advanced equipment, from special beds, infusion pumps, monitors, etc.

A dedicated Oncology ER within the Oncology Center will offer a superior environment, with the most advance medical devices, in which to provide cancer patients with the immediate response, oncology expertise, and comprehensive care they require. The Oncology ER will be unique in Northern Israel—the only facility of its kind–and will help bring the cancer care offered at Rambam to the level of a world-leading center. Multiple clinical research studies testify to the efficacy and benefits of a dedicated oncology ER. In hospitals which have a dedicated oncology ER, only 20% of patients are likely to be hospitalized, while in those hospitals in which cancer patients receive treatment in the general ER, 80% are likely to be hospitalized. These studies demonstrate that the comprehensive and specialized care which can only be delivered in an oncology ER, improves clinical outcomes, results in fewer patient complications, and reduces hospitalizations.

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