The Ruth Rappaport Children’s Hospital

Turning Tears to Smiles

The Ruth Rappaport Children’s Hospital set a new standard as one of the most advanced, thoughtfully designed and friendly children’s hospitals in the country when it opened in June 2014. A colorful, architectural landmark on Rambam’s West Campus, the hospital encompasses seven inpatient departments and over 20 professional units, as well as a science museum, movie theater, classrooms and play areas. Spacious, bright and welcoming, every detail of the new hospital is designed for the comfort of its young patients and their families, and to promote the healing process.

An Enchanting World Awaits Every Young Patient

Healing through Laughter

For the emotional wellbeing of young patients facing frightening and painful situations, professional Medical Clowns, specially trained in nursing, medicine and child psychology, can make a world of difference.  If laughter is the best medicine, then medical clowns are just what the doctor ordered!

Bring a smile to the face of a sick child with your gift….

We invite you to help put big smiles on our little patients.  Each medical clown at Rambam Health Care Campus must be funded by the generosity of others who understand how important laughter is for healing. Rambam needs $15,000 per year for each medical clown.

Your gift will bring a smile to the faces of these children and the staff who help them. Relieving stress, promoting healing – what better gift is there to give?

Giving Levels:

$1,250 per month for each medical clown
$15,000 per year for each medical clown

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There are many ways you can show your support of Israel’s future generations. A short list of urgent hospital needs:


Significant Medical Equipment (in US$)

Medical EquipmentCost per Unit
Patient Monitors6,000
Vital Signs Monitors3,000
Volumetric Infusion Pumps and, or Injection Pumps1,800
Feeding Infusion Pumps590
Fully-Automatic Defibrillators1,800
Semi-Automatic Defibrillators5,900
Electric Thermometers590
Wireless Glucometers1,800

Significant Durable Equipment (in US$)

Durable EquipmentCost per Unit
Emergency Resuscitation Carts1,800
Treatment Carts1,600
Armchairs for Patients900
Chairs for Inpatient Visitors120
Inpatient Beds3,300
Medicine Refrigerators1,800
Laundry Carts2,200

Significant Computer Equipment (in US$)

Computer EquipmentCost per Unit
Computer Screens150
Laser Printers 260
Physicians’ Medical Carts with Computer2,700
Nurses’ Medical Carts with Computer3,100

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